Tomato Gardening 101 With A String Trellis

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Tomato Gardening 101 With A String Trellis

tomato gardening 101 string trellis

I have always been super jealous of neighbors, friends or family who are able to have gigantic tomato plants by the end of summer giving off huge ripe juicy red produce!

Just before spring each year I think hey, lets do some tomatoes on the back porch but then it never happens. I think this year will be the year though, finally. Well be around most all of the summer so we should be fine when it comes to keeping everything watered and weeded.

I just found a super good tutorial over at Food For My Family on using a string trellis to grow some nice healthy plants.

Great blog check it out!

Heres the link to the guide…

Food For My Family: Tomato Gardening 101 String Trellis

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